Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Green Peas Pulav


3 Cups Basmati Rice

1 1/2 Cup Green Peas

1 Coconut Milk Can

1 stick Cinnamon

4 Cloves

1 Bay Leaf

4 Green Chillies

1 Tsp Corriander Powder

1/2 Bunch Mint leaves

Salt to taste



Heat Oil in pan and add cinnamon, cloves,bay leaf, green chillies and fry for 3 mins.

Add basmati rice and green peas and fry for2 mins then add mint, corriander powder,salt and mix well.

Add 3 cups of coconut milk and 1 cup water and mix well with the rice and peas.

Check salt and spiceness then transfer all the rice mixture into rice cooker.(Use white rice setting)


uma said...

loved the ingredients you used.. specially coconut n mint.. a hit for sure..

Uma said...

I was a little busy.. so didnt stop by earlier to check ur new recipes..

Mini said...

Thank you Uma.